Stuff We Like: Morbid Moment Podcast

Do you like spooky stories? Have you lost entire hours reading about monster lore and bizarre unsolved mysteries on Wikipedia? Are you super-fascinated with this one serial killer, but don’t really tell people because you don’t want them to think you’re some sort of secret psychopath? It’s okay, friends. The crew from Morbid Moment totally understands.

The Morbid Moment is a biweekly podcast where Stick (AKA Katie Nyborg) brings a creepy subject to the table and Red (AKA Shannon Legler) provides snarky commentary. Together, they aim to explore ghost stories, monster myths, strange happenings, and supernatural phenomena in a casual, factual, and respectful way.

So far, they’ve covered a legendary wolf attack on Paris, a female killer who used personal ads to lure her victims, a girl possessed by a friendly spirit, and a frozen ghost ship. An episode all about how to kill vampires just went live (or undead?)–so come catch up and join them for the next Morbid Moment!

You can find them on iTunes, Google Player, Castbox, and SoundCloud–just search for Morbid Moment. They welcome comments and topic suggestions at


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