What We Love: An essay by Dawn Xiana Moon

Kathy Kitts (Northern Illinois University) in the GSECARS research station at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, mounting a Genesis Probe sample (under the yellow plastic cover) prior to data taking. Image credit: Richard Fenner, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory

Sometimes we see something so good out in the Interwebs, we have to share it too. Here is an essay by Dawn Xiana Moon on being the other, being a geek, and art as both refuge and resistance. Check it out over on Uncanny.

For the record, I too wanted to grow up to be Captain Kirk. And in several ways, I did. First, I’m short and fat with big boobs. But second, I got that Ph.D. in Planetary Geoscience. I’ve been to the sun, the moon, Mars, and several asteroids via my research. It’s the best a little four-eyed blonde girl could do who played in a cardboard lunar module during several moonshots. And I respectfully note that my Ph.D. thesis was on Apollo Lunar Soils. I’ve held moon dirt in my gloved hand. How cool is that!

Dr. Kathy Kitts, a recently retired geology professor, served as a science team member on the NASA Genesis Discovery Mission. Before that, she directed a planetarium for nine years. She has dozens of non-fiction publications spanning professional papers to textbooks to general interest articles. However, she no longer writes about “what is” but rather “what if.” Her speculative short fiction has appeared in James Gunn’s Ad Astra, Mad Scientist Journal and The Storyteller’s Anthology. Born and raised in the southwest, she is currently living in the high desert of New Mexico.

Website: http://www.kkitts.net/index.html

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