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Carol Lowell is an artist and author. She has recently published a book on how to develop the good habits required of all writers and artists who want to move to a more professional level. It is titled Soul Food: 90-Day Journey of Self-Discovery While Building Nourishing Habits.

We at Girl Cooties have gone through her book and by using her coaching techniques have rejuvenated our writing and arting practices. Perhaps you will find this as well.

Carol explains how her book might help those wishing to develop a more serious writing or arting practice.

As creative individuals, we can find our self-expression through many different forms. I am someone who uses pattern, colors, paint and mixed media as well as the written word.
For me, writing has been my savior. I have kept journals since I was a kid. It was among their pages that secrets were told, conversations were had, thoughts and emotions were understood, truths were revealed whether to be spoken later or simply guarded within my heart. I still journal on a regular basis. Partly it is just so liberating to do a brain dump, but it always seems to lead to some deeper discovery and truth.
In my book Soul Food — designed as an interactive playbook — one of the habits that I invite you to build and nurture is a daily practice of journaling. I start with a quote for the day that will hopefully act as a prompt to take you deeper into what it means to you, your heart, and your truth. Just like a blank canvas, sometimes the blank page can be intimidating. That is why journal prompts are a welcoming way to begin a journey inward.
From there, I show you how to use the power of habit to support you in your creative practice. This includes developing self-care rituals that strength and enable you to do the work you were always meant to do, and still survive the day job! These activities include mandala drawing and meditation. But don’t panic. I won’t be throwing too much at you too fast. Over the course of 90-days, I will guide you to convert these habits into a daily practice that best suits you, your interests, and your schedule.
It is in our best interest to take time for connecting to our creative side. Ultimately, it is the act of immersing ourselves in the creative energy that speaks to our heart, to our true self. After all, that is what the journey of self discovery is all about: knowing ourselves better and leaning into our unique greatness.
I celebrate each and every one of you.

For those whose money is tight, Carol is running a raffle through Rafflecopter and will be giving away three copies of her book. Click on the link to enter.

The book will be available at and International orders can be made on her website by clicking here.

Additionally if you purchase a copy of Soul Food during the book launch dates of March 26, 27, and 28, 2018, you will be sent a copy of her eBook Meditative Mandala Making.

This is a companion book to Soul Food and walks you through the process of making your own mandalas.


Carol Lowell – Artist and Author

Carol Lowell is a mixed-media artist, author, life coach, quilter, photographer, book maker, wife, mom and explorer who lives in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Through the regular practice of creative endeavors and connecting to spirit, Carol proposes that we can embrace and live our best life through the expression of our unique gifts be they “artistic or writerly.” She refers to these gifts as  our soul voice. It is her desire to help others find that voice and to give it strength, courage and love.

As someone who loves to gather and to share, she lives by the mottos “The More, The Merrier” and “The More We Give, The More We Receive.” Her greatest passions are her family, the discovery of new things, and living with an adventurous spirit. She loves to encourage others to find what makes their heart sing and to live from that soul-centered place.

You can find her here: Website, FaceBook, Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter, or on Pinterest.

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