About Page

Welcome! We are so glad you’re here.

We’re a group of women writers who cater to female readers. Readers who used to enjoy science fiction but got turned off, or who are new to the genre. We don’t actually care whether you have two X chromosomes or not. If you’re interested character-based stories that examine who we are and how the big questions of science and society affect us in our daily lives, this is the meeting place for you. If you’re looking for tits and ray guns, you’ll be bored. Move along.

This site is a place for women to meet and discuss the many forms of speculative fiction, to discover new authors and artists, and to find support for their own endeavors to write SF or create SF art. We provide informative articles on the craft of writing and art-making, reading SF, as well as a forum that introduces new female authors and artists. We showcase female writers reading samples of their work, and provide links so you can find more of what appeals to you.

We have no interest in negativity or in tearing others down. Now that most bookstores have moved dystopias to the current events section, we want to provide an alternative to elevate the human spirit.

If you would like to learn more—or join us—please use the contact form here. We’d love to have you participate!