Things We Love: How to get off your butt and write or art

Carol Lowell is an artist and author. She has recently published a book on how to develop the good habits required of all writers and artists who want to move to a more professional level. It is titled Soul Food: 90-Day Journey of Self-Discovery While Building Nourishing Habits.

We at Girl Cooties have gone through her book and by using her coaching techniques have rejuvenated our writing and arting practices. Perhaps you will find this as well.

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Projects We Are Excited About

Battling in All Her Finery will be a collection of stories about woman leaders: presidents, queens, high priestesses, admirals, matriarchs, CEOs, and more. The editors of this anthology hope to have stories that can be shared by all ages. They use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and welcome stories about anyone who identifies as a woman on some level. This will be Mad Scientist Journal’s fifth anthology of this kind, and they plan to open for submissions to the anthology in March.

Please consider supporting their kickstarter.

A Story by Betsy James: Paradise and Trout

Road Through Woods by Betsy James with permission.

When Hally Kass died, his father put a bridge in his hand.

Anyone would have said it was a reed, the jointed kind that Hally, when he was small, had liked to pull apart and put back together. But it was a bridge, and when his father laid it–it was about eight inches long–on his son’s chest and wrapped his cool fingers around it, he told Hally how he was to use it.

“Go out the door,” he said. “Turn east and follow the road to the mountain. Any being you meet is a demon. Don’t speak.” A willow twig, burned to charcoal, had been laid between the boy’s lips to remind him of what, now, he was.

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Review: Utter Fabrication

Utter Fabrication: Historical Accounts of Unusual Buildings and Structures is a collection of twenty-two light horror short stories published by Mad Scientist Journal. The stories run from flash to the upper end of short stories at 8000 words. Of the twenty-two authors twelve self-identify as women.

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