On Cutting for the SF Artist

Original by Betsy James with permission.

“Top-heavy, too earnest, too detailed” describes most early drafts, certainly my own. That’s how it should be. In the beginning you have to let ‘er rip, pile it on, explore, make a mess. If you don’t you’ll get self-conscious and inhibit yourself.

Then you cut.

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Writing and Drawing Snacks: Betsy James on Incarnation

At one point Betsy was trying, with difficulty, to understand a group of five characters. She couldn’t get the dynamics right, even after writing too much backstory and doing stuff like assigning each of them a symbol—circle, square, squiggle and so on.

She remembered (finally) what she tell students: “In imagination, incarnate as your characters. Be them in their bodies. It’s how we are in our bodies that makes us who we are.”

So, being in the body of each, pen in hand, she asked, “Okay—how would I draw a cat?”

It worked.

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Inspiration, Creativity and Digital Art with Susan Nicolai


Susan Nicolai:  Art for James Gunn’s Ad Astra with permission

Girl Cooties contributor Kathy Kitts interviews Susan Nicolai a digital story artist who explores the transformative power of multi-media storytelling. Susan’s work is a fusion of texture, color, photography, and words.

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