Things We Love: How to get off your butt and write or art

Carol Lowell is an artist and author. She has recently published a book on how to develop the good habits required of all writers and artists who want to move to a more professional level. It is titled Soul Food: 90-Day Journey of Self-Discovery While Building Nourishing Habits.

We at Girl Cooties have gone through her book and by using her coaching techniques have rejuvenated our writing and arting practices. Perhaps you will find this as well.

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Visual and Auditory Prompts: Extraordinary Inspiration

When facing the blank page, many authors resort to prompts to get both the creativity and words to flow. There are dozens of prompt books available such as Fred White’s The Daily Writer and Sexton Burke’s The Writer’s Lab: A place to experiment with fiction. But nothing helps a writer incarnate better than to experience a visual or auditory prompt.

If you have a favorite artist, do a Google image search and scan what comes up. What draws your eye? What story or character does the painting or pot or sculpture bring to mind? When inspired, free write. The point is not to write the next blockbuster, but rather to make writing fun again, to nurture the inner creative.

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Lesley L. Smith: Let It Shine

When I was a girl, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I discovered something wonderful called science fiction. This, in turn, led me to discover something wonderful called science. Cut to ahem, mumble-mumble years later and I’m a SF author, a physicist and an amateur sociologist. As a SF fan I enjoy stories in which women are the heroes, kicking butt (literally and metaphorically) in exciting futures, possibly in new societies on other worlds with fascinating alien creatures. But as I observe the real-life nonfictional society and world around me, it’s pretty evident that men and women generally behave differently. Women appear a little hesitant to kick butt in real life. Why is this? I’ve spent a lot of time pondering these trends and I’ve read a lot of articles and studies. Of course each individual is genetically different, but I have finally concluded women are less assertive, in large part, because of gender socialization.

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Inspiration, Creativity and Digital Art with Susan Nicolai


Susan Nicolai:  Art for James Gunn’s Ad Astra with permission

Girl Cooties contributor Kathy Kitts interviews Susan Nicolai a digital story artist who explores the transformative power of multi-media storytelling. Susan’s work is a fusion of texture, color, photography, and words.

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