Stuff We Like: Morbid Moment Podcast

Do you like spooky stories? Have you lost entire hours reading about monster lore and bizarre unsolved mysteries on Wikipedia? Are you super-fascinated with this one serial killer, but don’t really tell people because you don’t want them to think you’re some sort of secret psychopath? It’s okay, friends. The crew from Morbid Moment totally understands.

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Dawn Vogel Reviews Glittership Winter 2017

Glittership began as a podcast for reprints of short stories with LGBTQ characters and themes. Recently, however, they have begun publishing some original stories as well. As of 2017, Glittership is also available in ebook format in advance of the audio versions of the stories.

The first of these collections, Winter 2017, features four original stories and three reprint stories. There’s a range of speculative fiction encompassed in these stories, including high fantasy, sci-fi, and more, similar to other spec fic publications.

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Marcy Arlin’s Manifesto for SF Writers

THE MANIFESTO by Kiah Ankoor is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Speculative fiction writers should sometimes reflect the feelings and emotions of the audience; sometimes it should give us something to think about. SF writers should aspire to changing the world; sometimes it should be for a good laugh or cry. They should tell a good, clear story; or, it could be a cacophony of bizarre images that leave one totally confused. They should examine the moral and social issues of its day; but sometimes a peek at the old ways helps us appreciate the new. They should carefully avoid stereotypes and categorization of people by gender, ethnicity, sexual persuasion, nationality, religion, appearance and ability. Those people who belong to a particular category, by their own definition, should have the right to make fun of themselves.

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A Project We Want to Support: Utter Fabrication A Mad Scientist Anthology

Mad Scientist Journal produces a themed anthology via a Kickstarter each year. In 2017, they are Kickstarting Utter Fabrication: Historical Accounts of Unusual Buildings and Structures. This anthology will include stories about haunted houses, non-Euclidean buildings, and other weird places.

Their funding goes toward paying their authors (semi-pro rates of 2 cents per word) and their artists. Because the anthology is about buildings, they have recruited two architects to provide interior art pieces as well.

Good News! They funded. Click here for the update and link to the submission call!

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